Frenzygolf Product Selection

At Frenzygolf we have tried to include a broad selection of products with various designs and colors. Our products include tradition, and flat-brim, hats, comfy tee-shirts, long-sleeve hoodie tee-shirts, golf gloves, umbrellas and towels.

Are theses products, design, and colors something that you would generally buy for yourself? Buy for others? Or Not the kind of product/design that you would generally buy and/or wear?

Do you have other ideas about products, designs, colors that you feel would be more appropriate on a golf-merchandise web site?

Let us know your thoughts here by adding comments to this blog. We are excited for, and open to, feedback to help us improve our business and bring value to you our treasured customers.

Frenzygolf Business Model

The Frenzygolf business model is to sell high-quality products at a price that allows us to continue the operation of our business while holding frequent drawings for giveaways of high-end golf equipment (Drivers, Iron Sets, Wedges and Putters).

Is this business approach something that would interest your enough to consider the purchase of Frenzygolf "branded" merchandise?

Let us know your thoughts and share any additional ideas you might have that would help you, as a potential customer, be more likely to participate in our drawings, purchase some of our products and be an active member of Frenzygolf.

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