About us

The Frenzy - A state of unusual excitement about Golf

Frenzygolf is a special project built and managed by the original Golfspinach team (Golfspinach.com and Golfspinach mobile application) and Is a continuation of our efforts to promote the game of golf. We plan to continue our commitment to building the Golfspinach mobile application and are extending our business model to include the Frenzygolf.com ecommerce platform where we will offer apparel, hats, gloves, towels and much more by way of merchandise of interest to the golfing community. The Frenzygolf business model is centered around creating a "Frenzy" of interest and excitement about the game of golf, the golfspinach application, as well as extending the "chance-to-win" valuable golf equipment and prizes (golf clubs, drivers and irons, golf carts, golf lessons, great golf vacations and more).

The Frenzygolf Team: